5 amazing Lexxola sunglasses dupes and where to buy them

5 amazing Lexxola sunglasses dupes and where to buy them


Gen Z doesn’t see the world through rose colored glasses, but they do see it through orange, blue and purple lenses sometimes.

Lexxola Sunglasses have become a fashion must-have, popping up on TikTok and on Gen Z-beloved celebrities such as YouTuber Emma Chamberlain model Kaia Gerber to name a few,

Zane Saleh, 27, created the brand and the pastel-colored sunnies in 2019, but the next generation took them and ran with it in 2021.

“That freedom of thought to just say ‘try everything’ has really allowed us to figure out what’s working quite quick and figure out what isn’t and just push forward,” Salah said in an interview with Business Insider.

No matter your generational label, wearing bright colored glasses is a great way to stay on trend, add some color to your outfit and also protect your eyes from the harsh summer sun. The actual Lexxola glasses are only sold on their site for now, going for £190 to £220 (plus duties for international shipping) but for those of us stateside, there are plenty of dupes to try duty-free.

See below for sunglasses in every shade you can think of, and at attainable price points for everyone.

A pair of black rimmed yellow lens sunglasses

These frames are a dead ringer for the Lexxola brand shades, down to the thick black frame and the pastel yellow lenses. Sold at Shein for just $4.50, grab them in pink, too. Why not?

A pair of black sunglasses with orange lenses

The Freckles Mark pair found on Amazon look just like the Lexxola shades but without the hefty price tag. The orange pair above is sold for just under $15, and so are the other shades of shades, including a purple pair, brown and black.

A pair of black Ray Ban sunglasses with purple lenses

Ray-Ban has been on trend since the dawn of time, and this Gen Z style is no exception. The purple pair called Erika can be found on EyeBuyDirect, sold for $147 with the non-prescription purple lenses or with a prescription and black lenses for $167.

A pair of skinny white sunglasses with yellow lenses
Westward Leaning

These glasses take the colored sunnies trend and amplify it to the extreme. The Westward Leaning Solitaire style has the iconic yellow lenses of the Lexxola brand, but the frames are where these really stand out, with a shimmering champagne-colored rim.

A pair of black heart sunglasses with purple lenses
Zenni Optical

These glasses are guaranteed to steal your heart. Sold on Zenni Optical’s site, the black heart rims can be customized with an array of fashion colors from red and orange to green and blue, and so can their other sunglasses. Take a look at the site, after adding these lovable pair to the cart first.


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