JINS Eyewear will launch a new sunglasses brand “JINS&SUN” with NIGO® as Creative Director

JINS Eyewear will launch a new sunglasses brand “JINS&SUN” with NIGO® as Creative Director


NIGO®, who continues to influence the world’s street culture, and JINS, the eyewear brand, which is innovating the world of eyewear, have teamed up to bring new sunglasses collections.

Six Collections will be launched under JINS&SUN: NIGO® Launch Collection, New Standard, Essential, Pop, Modern, Sport & Active, which includes 29 shapes with a total of 84 styles. In addition, all JINS&SUN sunglasses will come with an original case made of Tyvek®, which is durable and water-repellent.

Exciting JINS&SUN collections are in the works and will be continually developed.

Product Summary


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6 Collections, 29 Shapes, 84 Styles


$60 | $80 | $100


Original sunglasses case, original cleaning cloth

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March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) 11:00am PDT

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All JINS stores, JINS online store

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Line Up

NIGO® Launch Collection: 3 Shapes, 12 Styles $100.00

Redefined Vintage

A collection that symbolizes JINS&SUN directed by NIGO® with redefined vintage frames inspired by his past sunglasses designs. These are not just a revival but rather “Redefined Vintage” with a modern twist on materials, size, comfort and color.

New Standard:  9 Shapes, 21 Styles $80.00

Fit for All

With lightweight Airframe technology, a subtle frame design was created that fits comfortably for everyone. Who doesn’t like a comfortable fit?

Essential: 3 Shapes, 9 Styles $60.00

Timeless Design

Lightweight and flexible sunglasses were designed with a comfortable fit by Airframe material. Explore your personal style with many lens color variations. Make these timeless “Essential” models your go-to sunglasses.

Pop: 6 Shapes, 18 Styles $80.00

Nostalgic Colors

Express your style with these nostalgic yet modern colors. For fashion enthusiasts, explore your inner creativity with these “Pop” colors.

Modern: 6 shapes, 18 styles $80.00

Balance of minimalism and trends

Made of Airframe material, the front of the sunglasses is designed to match the flexible stainless steel temples. An elegant design can be used for casual or business fashion. Your everyday style will be elevated with this collection that features a minimalist design and subtle modern colors.

Sport & Active: 2 shapes, 6 styles $80.00

No compromise in function or style

These sunglasses are designed in mind for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Enjoy the functionality and comfort while you do what you love to do.


All sunglasses come with an original case inspired by shipping envelopes. It’s made of DUPON’S high-density and non-woven material called Tyvek®, which is durable and water-repellent. The case is available in 4 colors (dark gray, light brown, beige, navy).

The cleaning cloth is inspired by the nostalgic notepads and made of Toray’s Toraysee®, which makes it easy to clean your glasses.

*Based on the sunglasses you purchase, you’ll get a case that matches with your frame.

JINS&SUN Directed by NIGO®

Fashion Designer / Creative Director

In addition to his own brand HUMAN MADE, he also works as a creative director and designer for many companies in various fields, most recently for Adidas and also for LOUIS VUITTON.

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