Mississippi Optometrists Seek Expanded Scope of Practice

Mississippi Optometrists Seek Expanded Scope of Practice


Mississippi legislators are considering a measure to allow optometrists to perform certain procedures and prescribe certain medications that are currently off-limits.

WDAM-TV quoted Dr. Ryan Wally, an OD at Oxford Eye Clinic & Optical, saying the bill would “bring better access to care for Mississippians.” He said it would also bring Mississippi in line with nearby states.

“… Right now some of these procedures that we’re not allowed to do we have to refer out to our colleagues in ophthalmology,” Wally said. “And many times … it’s a bit of a travel or it’s even a bit of a wait.”

The Scott County Times reports that the bill passed the state House 90-24. An amended version then passed the Senate 47-5. The bill now returns to the House, which would need to approve the changes.

The bill as it stands is described as a “compromise” between the state’s ODs and ophthalmologists.

The legislation would permit optometrists to prescribe medications for problems of the eye or eyelid. But ODs still “would not be allowed to inject or implant any medication into the eye itself,” according to the Times.

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