Porsche Design Reveals New “The Contour” Sunglasses

Porsche Design Reveals New “The Contour” Sunglasses


Limited to under 1000 pieces.

Are you a fan of Porsche that’s looking for a new pair of shades? Look no further as Porsche Design as just unveiled the new P’8924 B sunglasses, also known as “The Contour.” These sunglasses have lens borders crafted from milled solid aluminum and have an outline made from titanium wire. Porsche Design notes that these sunglasses appear to have been “drawn in one bold and sweeping stroke,” and we have to agree. Porsche Design is launching The Contour sunglasses in two variants: palladium with olive-colored lenses and black with gold-colored lens edging and blue-black lenses. Both variants are limited to just 911 pieces each. As far as price goes, each come with a $1,200 price tag.

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