Smart Sunglasses Let You Play Music and Control How You See the World

Smart Sunglasses Let You Play Music and Control How You See the World


The fact that sunglasses got smarter is old news, and Ampere wants to follow the trend with its Dusk electrochromic intelligent glasses. The sunnies let you activate voice control, play music on your device, take calls, and adjust the brightness or darkness of the lenses straight from the frame, at the push of a button. All its features can also be controlled with a mobile app.

The glasses come in two versions, a Lite one that only lets you change the tint level, and the regular version, which is also equipped with a microphone and speakers, to let you listen to music, take phone calls and use voice control with Siri or Google Assistant.

The lenses are polarized and electrochromic and there are three tint level presets available at the push of a button placed right on the frame of the Dusk. If you want to have more control over how bright or dark the lenses get, the sunglasses come with a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can move the sliding bar in the app to choose between 0 and 100 percent tint. The switch between tints takes under one second.

The app comes with other features as well. You can use it as a tracker to find the misplaced glasses by getting sound alerts.

The battery in the Dusk sunglasses lasts up to 20 days in standby, approximately a week when using the tint functions, and up to four hours when using the speakers continuously. The company says the glasses are waterproof and have a rating of IP65. However, that means they are in fact water resistant, but won’t cope with being submerged.

The Dusk sunglasses are the subject of an Indiegogo campaign and they’ve already managed to reach their funding goal of $15,000. Ampere has raised over $165,000 so far, with 24 days left in the campaign.

You can opt for the Super Early Bird offer and get the sunglasses for $249, with the estimated shipping date being August 2021. The Dusk Lite version of the glasses will set you back $179.


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