UNMASKED: Top tips for Londoners to stop sunglasses from steaming up

UNMASKED: Top tips for Londoners to stop sunglasses from steaming up


AS the sun continues to shine there are two essential items we shouldn’t leave the house without – our sunglasses and facemasks. But when wearing both in the heat it can create even more problems with steamy specs.

That is why Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical services director, is sharing his simple advice to keep vision clear while staying safe in the sun.

Specsavers’ top tips when wearing glasses and facemasks:

1. Stop slipping by wrapping the string of the facemask around the sides of your glasses, rather than your ears – just make sure you’re careful when taking off your glasses as your mask will be attached

2. If you can (and it’s comfortable), pull your mask further up your nose and place glasses on top. This will help seal the mask around your nose, stopping the warm air from your breath escaping and steaming up your lenses

3. Try using a piece of surgical tape to hold your mask in place on the bridge of your nose and give your specs additional grip

4. If you need to defog glasses quickly try Specsavers anti-fog lens spray and wipes. Wipes come individually wrapped for easy cleaning on the go and the 10ml spray is a perfect size for popping into handbags

Mr Edmonds says: ‘There are a few difficulties people face when it comes to wearing a face mask while also wearing glasses or sunglasses. One of the most common complaints is that glasses can get steamed up, making it more difficult to see. The best thing to do to prevent this from happening is to make sure that the facemask fits tightly around your nose and cheeks as this reduces the amount of breath escaping and causing condensation on the lenses.’


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